Flavien PERIER

Full stack developer


Currently on an apprenticeship contract between the 3IL school in Limoges and the Orange company in Toulouse, I am working on various development projects.
During the last few years, I have mainly worked on backend projects in Java or NodeJs with frameworks such as Spring or ExpressJs. However, in the same period of time I also worked on Frontend with Angular, jQuery, VueJs frameworks or directly in native JavaScript. On these same projects, I also had to be interested in continuous deployment issues with GitlabCI and a CloudFoundry platform available within Orange.
I am also interested in how data is managed, whether within traditional relational DBMS such as MySQL or Postgresql, or with NoSQL DBMS such as MongoDB, Reddis and especially Neo4J. I also took a number of DataScience courses during my last year as an engineer, giving me some basics in this field.
This website is currently hosted in a Docker container on a RaspberryPi. I am therefore naturally interested in the issues related to the hosting and security of this environment.